Altaro Hyper-V Backup is an easy to use, yet powerful backup solution for Microsoft Hyper-V, which takes the guesswork out of backing up VMs and does all the complex Hyper-V backup configuration for the admin. This means best in class technology at the most competitive price on the market.

Altaro Hyper-V Backup allows you to:

You can also:

Altaro Hyper-V Backup supports MS Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Download your FREE copy of Altaro Hyper-V backup now and enjoy unlimited functionality for 30 days. After your 30-day trial expires, you can continue using the product for up to 2 VMs for free, forever. No catch, no sales pitch.

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Monitor and manage backup operations for any VM

Restore and back up each VM individually



Advanced restore options can be accessed quickly from the restore menu

Easily browse the Hyper-V host for any attached VMs and add them to your backup plan. There is no need to install an agent on a VM to back it up.